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The Insurance Company "Civil Insurance House"

The Insurance Company "Civil Insurance House" (IC "Civil Insurance House" Ltd. ) has been in insurance market since 2003. Licenses of the Federal Service for Insurance Supervision- 367877 and 367877 and the license of the Federal Security Service allow the Civil Insurance House to administer over 20 types of insurance and reinsurance activities.

Civil Insurance House is a multi-service insurance and reinsurance company. Our corporate philosophy is based up on constant improvement of quality of the work we do. Duly licensed to perform over 20 different types of insurance and reinsurance services Civil Insurance House is well suited to meet complex needs of all its customers.

Civil Insurance House is committed to the principle of complete and timely fulfillment of obligations. We pay special attention to our financial stability. Authorized capital of the Company is 120 million rubles. Our substantial financial resources as well as thoroughly organized reinsurance protection both on Russian and International markets serve as a reliable guarantee of our obligations.

Our company combines global perspective with local focus. We pay equal attention to all our clients making no distinction between big corporations and private individuals.
Space programs insurance protection is among our main activities. Since 2003 Civil Insurance House has provided insurance services for 80 launches on the Baikonur (Kazakhstan) based ground launch systems Soyuz, Proton, Zenit, Tsyklon in the framework of the Russian Federal Space Program, Russian Ministry of Defense programs as well as in the interest of different commercial projects. The Company has insured third party liability for Soyuz TMA, Express AM, Progress M spacecraft launches.

Rendered services:

  • space insurance
  • personal accident and sickness insurance
  • property insurance
  • motor insurance
  • marine hull insurance
  • aviation hull and liability insurance
  • cargo insurance
  • ownership right insurance
  • individuals property insurance
  • construction insurance
  • contractual liability insurance
  • all types of liability insurance

Our basic aim is to offer MAXIMALLY wide spectrum of services for enterprises of science consuming branches of space industry.

We are very proud to have among our clients : companies of Soyuz CTC Holding, enterprises of Russian Space Agency, including FSUE TsENKI, FSUE S.A. Lavochkin Research & Production Association, SCTB of Radio Equipment, CJSC S. P. Korolev ZEM Energia Rocket & Space Corporation, FSUE (Federal State Owned Unitary Enterprise) GNP RCTs TsSCB Progress /Samara/, FSUE Design Bureau of General Machine Building, FSUE TKhM Design Bureau, FSUE M. F. Reshetnyov PM Research & Production Association, FSUE Vympel United Design Bureau, FSUE Central Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering and many others.

General Director - Andrei Kozlov

The reliable GUARANTEE of our obligations rests in:

  • FINANCIAL status
  • RELIABLE investments of insurance reserves
  • ACCURATE work of professional team
  • FLEXIBLE approach to each our client

Contacts :

Moscow (head office)
127055, Moscow, Russia
14, Obraztcova street

Telephone: +7 (495) 780-34-01 (multichannel)
Fax: +7 (495) 780-34-01